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Bhuteko Maus

A traditional stir-fried dish originating from Nepal, combination of chicken or lamb lemon juice, cumin, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, chili pepper,

Gurkhali Chilli Chicken/Lamb

Barbequed chicken or tender lamb cooked in an aromatic tomato sauce, tossed with fresh green chillies and sliced onions.

Haas Ko Masu

Nepalese style duck meat curry, cooked with fresh herbs and chef’s special sauce.

Hariyali Chicken

Tender piece of chicken or lamb, fresh mint, green pepper, Nepalese spices, ginger tomato and coriander.

King Prawn Achari

Cooked in a tangy and aromantic sauce mixed of pickle and fresh chili.

King Prawn Rasilo

Ginger garlic paste, curry leaves, coconut milk and powder, butter, turmeric, sugar and single cream.

Lamb Shikhar

Nepalese chef special mild sauce combination of almond, coconut cream along with ginger garlic paste, ghee and Nepalese herbs.

Pokhreli Chicken

Contain Dairy: Barbeques chicken cooked with traditional Nepalese spices, tomato puree, capsicumn, onion and ginger.

Royal Garlic Chicken

Diced fresh chicken/lamb, cooked in a garlic infused sauce with fresh coriander

Royal Hasina Special

Slice of barbequed chicken cooked with onion capsicum, nutmeg, lemon juice, ginger and fresh tomato slice.

Royal Himchuli Curry

Barbequed chicken or tender lamb cooked, boiled eggs and potato slightly cooked in hot tomato sauce.

Royal Mustang Curry

Barbequed chicken cooked in authentic Nepali spices, onion, capsicum and herbs.